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Frequently Asked Questions

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PDF Apache

Our Company is a mechanical services installer, what would we gain by changing to using Apache clamps?
Answer: Apache is quick and easy to install, which saves time but it’s worth talking to our sales personnel for more details.
Are Apache clamps only available from BSS?
Answer: Yes BSS are the exclusive outlet for Apache in the UK.
We do not have an account with BSS, can we buy direct from you?
Answer: Sorry No. Under our agreement with BSS the product can only be sourced through their branch network, details of which can be found on this website.
How can I find out where my local BSS branch is?
Answer: A complete list of BSS Branches can be found on this website.
What do they cost?
Answer: For UK enquiries please contact your local BSS branch. For export enquiries please contact our sales office.
What tools are needed to install Apache clamps?
Answer: The AF clamp is installed without tools. The AP clamp may require small hand tools such as a spanner and hack saw.
What type of channel can they be fixed to?
Answer: 41mm x 41mm and 41mm x 21mm framing channel to BS 6946-1988
I understand they are made of plastic, how strong are they?
Answer: The plastic material used is a tough black polyamide. Please refer to the SWL stated in the literature.
Can they be used with heavy duty steel pipe?
Answer: Yes subject to the SWL stated in the literature.
What about the expansion encountered with pipe carrying hot water?
Answer: The clamps allow the pipe to expand when carrying hot water at a safe continuous working temperature of up to 82°C
We are interested in Apache, do you have someone who can visit us and advise us further?
Answer: Yes, please contact our sales office for more assistance.
Which Companies are using Apache clamps and do you have any reference sites?
Answer: Yes, please contact our sales office for further detail.
Do they meet British Standards?
Answer: There is no specific standard which covers these products.
Can they be used externally as well as internally?
Answer: Yes but it would always be advisable to check their suitability to perform in extreme or hazardous environments.
Is Apache chemical Resistant?
Answer: Apache has a high level of chemical resistance to many substances. Please contact the sales office for full details.

PDF Pipe Clip Products

How many spacers should be used with the double open and double hinged clip?
Answer: Two spacers should be used, one under each pipe run.
Do you give discounts for large orders?
Answer: Discounts are offered in line with potential long term sales volume.
Do you supply direct or only through distributors?
Answer: Our company policy is to supply through distribution.
Why do you supply nail clips in low and high shoulder variants?
Answer: Customer preference, but the high shoulder helps prevent damage to the pipe when striking the nail.
Will the Ellis pipe cover fit other manufacturer’s clips, and vice versa?
Answer: No but you can use our Pipe Cover Bracket to overcome this.
Are the products bagged or boxed?
Answer: Standard packaging is polythene bags. Alternative methods of packaging and branding can be discussed if required.

PDF General Questions

How do I open an account with Ellis Patents Ltd?
Answer: Complete an account application form which can be downloaded from this website.
Do you supply product in any quantity?
Answer: We only supply product in the standard packs as shown in our literature.
Are their any minimum order quantities?
Answer: No. We operate a carriage linked system.
What are your carriage terms?
Answer: For orders to be delivered within mainland UK carriage and packing is included on all orders exceeding £150.00 in net value. For orders below £150.00 in net value a charge of £15.00 is applied. In addition for orders delivered direct to another site a further charge of £15.00 is applied. For orders to be delivered outside Mainland UK please request carriage and packing details from our sales office.

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